Are you sure you're aware of your talent stack?
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Shout out to Benamara Younes for buying me coffees this past week! ☕

Benamara Younes is a content creator from Algeria, Africa. He is the Founder of (Arabic digital community about teaching, writing, and translation). One amazing quality I admire about Younes is that he's been blogging daily at since more than a year now. Check him out!
Picture: Who doesn't love free stuff?
~200 people in a room.

Nearly 200 of you have opened my newsletter last week. 🎉 I received so much love for my new side project, Free Stuff. Although I've crossed 200 readers before, it is usually spanned across 2 weeks but this time it was just a week.

The above picture visualizes what 200 people sitting and reading together looks like. When we write or produce content for others, this is a nice way to understand how much of an impact our words and actions have on others whether we realize it or not.

I'm always careful about what I choose to write to you in my newsletter, what articles I share with you, and I always think about you before I make any small or big changes to my newsletter. So, thank you for being an awesome reader and supporter! If you liked reading my newsletter, please do share it on social media or forward this email to your friends who might enjoy reading my weekly newsletter. It helps me reach more people who might honestly like what I put out there. 🙂
Interesting Reads 📖
1. There's no speed limit
1 minutes | Derek Sivers

When you're trying to learn something new, do you browse through a course catalogue and notice the estimated time for finishing the course? Do you end up finishing it sooner than the expected time? Or, take longer?

You will probably get more things done if you realize there's no speed limit, like our favourite author Derek Sivers did!

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2. Inbox Annihilator

I've come across Daniel recently who writes awesome e-mails! In this short free guide, you'll learn some essential skills to engage people through e-mails. Now, I know this might not be for everyone, but why don't you try going through it and see if it interests you?

There are many advantages to having an e-mail list where I can talk to people instead of just writing on my blog and feeling like I'm shouting into the void. Here are some reasons why I enjoy writing to you via a newsletter:

  1. I own my newsletter. I don't have to fight algorithms to reach you.
  2. I can give it a more personal touch, literally like a letter.
  3. I get to know interesting people and the projects they're working on.

Use this small guide to create your own e-mail list and let it help you grow! Reach out to me if you want to talk more about writing e-mails. 

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3. Persuade Like a Lawyer
6 minutes | Animalz

It's an article that I've come across a lot this week and I just finished reading it. I've always enjoyed watching movies where a clever lawyer wins over the jury with witty arguments.

It was not until after I saw their tips that I realized how helpful those skills are when applying them to persuasive writing or in general, being persuasive when speaking to someone about something you strongly believe in. How do lawyers do it?

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Be Productive ⚡

1. How to develop your talent stack
3 minutes | Linda

I've been going through some of the articles that I shared in the past few months with my readers and I came across this and I just HAD to share it again!

We all dream about being the best in our particular fields. However, how many of us can be the next J.K. Rowling or Steven Spielberg? It's good to have big dreams but let's not forget about being practical.

The author, Linda says that you don’t need to be the top 1% to be in the top 1%. How do we do that? By developing our talent stack. I've found mine. Have you?

➡ Read the post

2. Stop measuring your worth by the amount of time you work
4 minutes | Sarah Duran

Almost everyone wishes they were their own boss. Sarah Duran loves it too! One of the reasons she loves working for herself was because she was sick of people telling her how much to work, when to work, and where to work.

Despite getting paid more and accomplishing more in less time, she started to feel guilty about all the free time she had. I have no doubt that many people feel guilty when they enjoy their free time. At least, it's very rare for me to watch Netflix without feeling bad about it.

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3. Creating habits: how long does it take to form a habit?
4 minutes | Anne-Laure Le Cunff

A popular misconception which persists since the 1960s is that it takes about 21 days to change an existing habit or adopt a new habit. This magic number is used everywhere from advice columns to self-help books about creating habits. However, this is a myth. Where does it come from, and how long does it actually take?

In this post, Anne-Laure debunks the myth of forming habits in 21 days and talks about how you can go about creating new ones if you're serious about it.

Read the post 

Be Creative 🎨

1. Creativity Faucet
2 minutes | Julian Shapiro

"Good ideas are stuck behind bad ones." ~ Someone on Twitter.

Well, isn't that true? To be truly creative and focus on giving your best, you really do need to let those bad ideas out. Here's a post where Julian introduces you to a mental model that will make sure you generate more valuable ideas. Or, you can simply watch this 46 second video by Ed Sheeran.

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2. Your Blog is not a publication
8 minutes | Jimmy Daly

When you're a blogger or a content creator, you have to know how to position your site as more of a library rather than a publication people check out to pass the time in a Dentist's office.

Strategize your posts to give back more to your readers!

Read the post

3. Creator Library: FREE Resource for Digital Creators

Another great free resource for you to sink your teeth into if you're a digital creator!

➡ Visit Website

Bonus Content ⭐

  1. Get Free Stuff.
  2. The World Of Learning - 35 Places to Learn.
  3. The 7 types of rest that everyone needs.
  4. Why I'm unreachable and you should be too.
  5. Getting Things Done (GTD) Dashboard.


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