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March 29th, 2020

 Today's Service Update

Dear Ann,

This kind member wrote in which say's it all.

"What a difference a day makes. . . yesterday at this time (7am PDT) I could not get in the club. . this morning it is zippy fast.  You are amazing. . . keep up the good work and stay healthy!"

Phil and his tracker dog, found a major pressure point in our NextGen Software and  fixed it within minutes earlier today. He is so modest, he even apologised to me that he should have realised this when he wrote the original code! Nevertheless, this particular issue only showed under stress which cannot be seen easily until you really are! Catch 22.

We continue now checking other bottlenecks or overloads as we log progress - but for now, we feel this major single improvement will allow most of you, most of the time, to enjoy a really fast, fun and friendly game - our basic motto!

Nevertheless do follow these tips, which I dare to repeat for emphasis!
  • Please do not send emails to support asking for individual help that is already answered on our extensive help system.
  • Club Secretaries note that we are working on updating you shortly and continuing your registrations.
  • If you can, continue to avoid  peak times (1700-2100) for a few days.
  • Newcomers, please start in the Social Room and Spectate or Kibitz while you get familiar with the software.
  • Do not enter a competition room yet, until you feel confident.
  • JAVA users - you have been warned over a year ago to switch to NExtGen why not do it sooner rather than later? 

Yours sincerely,
Nick Justice
Nick Justice
Managing Director
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