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Hello there! 👋

A huge shout-out to Sammi Geraci-Yee for buying me coffees last week and supporting my projects. ☕❤️

Today, let's understand why LinkedIn is so cringe (may be not all the time), look at few templates you can use to say "No", and a toolkit you can use if you're a first time Start-up Founder.

If you are wondering how to be an entrepreneur or have an idea that you want to take action towards, Founder's book got you covered — with access to best-curated tools and resources that help you get started.

Founders' Book is built to educate, encourage, and empower founders and startups to equip them with the best-curated tools and resources.

This digital content library has access to:
  • Handbooks,
  • Start-up cards,
  • How-To Guides
  • GTM Plan + Pitch Deck
  • Canvasses expanding on your business models
  • Worksheets
  • Templates
  • Articles
  • And, Tools
To help you have the life that you always aspired to be.  

They also built Startup OS, a Notion based customizable and collaborative workspace to plan, build, launch and grow your startup. 🚀

I got a sneak peek into this Book and Startup OS and I was blown away by the sheer amount of knowledge that was created and curated! 🤯

I partnered up with Goutham, Maker behind Founders' Book, to bring you today's issue. I also got you a pretty sweet deal on this product! 🙂

Here's a word from our sponsor:
Founders' Book
Join 500+ founders building and launching their startups with Founders' Book + Startup OS.

Turn your pony idea into a unicorn! 🦄

Exclusive to "The Curious Bunch" readers: Get 30% off on the "Founders' Book + Startup OS" plan.

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The Good Stuff ⚡
Tools 🛠
1. Ultimate Landing Page Checklist

Build your best landing page with 100+ hand-picked tools; landing page builders, growth tools, and booster resources.

Use these 16 Steps to build an amazing Landing Page for your side project or a Start up!

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2. How to say no.

Are you shy like me to say a clear 'no'?

Use these templates to help you say no in any situation.

Whether it's to get on a "quick" intro call or saying no to do free work, this should help you!

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Interesting Reads 📚
3. Why is LinkedIn so cringe?
8 minutes | Trung Phan

Ever wonder why LinkedIn became so cringe?

I always believe that your social media feed largely depends on who you follow and how you curate your timeline. But, looks like the algorithms have an upper hand no matter what.

Trung wrote a detailed post on why LinkedIn is so cringe with all the fun data and expert quotes. Don't miss it!

➡ Read the post

4. Building in Public: 20 Examples & a How-To Guide
12 minutes | Nicolás Cerdeira

I'm still fascinated with the concept of "building in public".

Although I tried to build Writing OS in public, I think I've a lot to learn to let go of my fears and biases.

This guide definitely helped me.

In this article, you can find 20 open startups and a guide on how to build one yourself.

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Productivity 🚀
5. 100 Days with the Daily Manifest
5 minutes | Benjamin Anderson

The Daily Manifest in Visualize Value’s own words is — a distillation of the “best of” many different habit tracking apps, journal formats, coaches and time management systems. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

For Ben, it’s been a habit forming tool and a system for personal accountability.

However, why should you buy a productivity tool when the product can be copied from the images it uses to promote itself?

➡ Read the post

6. The Choice-Minimal Lifestyle: 6 Formulas for More Output and Less Overwhelm
4 minutes | Tim Ferriss

Did you read about the "art of letting bad things happen"?

Ask yourself this: Is your weekend really “free” if you find a crisis in the inbox Saturday morning that you can’t address until Monday morning?

In this blog post, Tim discusses 6 formulas that you can use to increase your output and stop overwhelming yourself because life "just" happened to you.

➡ Read the post
Creativity 🎨
7. Genially — Creating interactive content.

A tool to bring out the creator in you. Create interactive content your readers would love!

With Genially, you can create:
  • Infographics
  • Interactive games
  • Presentations
  • Interactive images
  • Guides
  • Training material
  • ...and more!
Visit Website

8. A curated list of personal website inspiration

Sam Dickie curated a list of personal websites he catalogued throughout 2021-22.

They cover a mixture of skills, professions, genders, layouts and designs.

I always look for inspiration when it comes to building a personal website. May be you'll find your inspiration here!

Visit Website
Growth 📈
9. 10x your email list. Hint: Super Magnets!
7 minutes | Blake Emal

Forget lead magnets. You need a super magnet.

Here's a 7 step guide on how to grow your newsletter audience by also making sure you're providing value to them.

Read the post

10. Side Project Marketing: What Is It & How to Do It (+10 Examples)
10 minutes | Nicolás Cerdeira

Heard of side project marketing?

Side-project marketing consists of building a stand-alone product or service to attract potential customers to your business.

In this article, Nicolas goes over what Side Project Marketing (aka. Engineering as Marketing) is, a 3-step process to do it, and lots of examples of startups using it.

Read the post

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